Saving with R points

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1. What are R Points?

R points are reward credits earned by Rosegal users for order completion, daily sign-in, or Rosegal games playing. R points can only be used by Rosegal users and can be used as discounts during the checkout.

2. How to Get R Points

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    Register at Rosegal

    10 R points for new registered members

    Register Now >
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    Upload Profile Photo

    20 R points for the first time you upload profile photo in "My Account"

    Upload Now >
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    Verify E-mail

    100 R points for verifying your e-mail address after registration

    Verify now >
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    Daily Sign-in

    From the 7th day to check-in continuous, you can get 35 points every day.

    Go >
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    Shopping at Rosegal

    You can earn points if you do not use a coupon or points

    Shop Now >
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    Post a Review

    ≥20 points for your review

    Post a Review >

3. How to use R points?

Use R Points to discount Order Price.
With R Points in your account, you can use them on the checkout page.

(1)Click to enter Points Mall

(2)Select the items you want to buy, and go CHECK OUT.


(3) Locate "R Points" and enter the amount of points you want to use
Every 50 R Points = $1
R Points can be redeemed up to 10% of the final item value (Exc. shipping and insurance)


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4. Rules about R points

1. Every 50 R points = $1.
2. You can pay for up to 10% of the total purchase price with R points (shipping fee and insurance excluded).
3. Coupons can be used together with R Points to reduce prices.
4. If you use points on an order and there is a refund, the points will return to your account (For partial refund, only partial points will be returned).
5. If an order is placed and fully shipped, points will be sent as reward. The number of the points sent is equivalent to the amount of the item(s). (There will be no points for shipping fee and insurance fee).
6. Certain items will come with multiple points. For these items, the points will be sent based on the item price and the given ratio.
7. Orders that use points when placing an order do not give points.
8. Gift card payment does not give points.
9. E-wallet payment does not give points.
10. After the bonus is given, if the order is refunded, the website will recover the original gift points (some goods refund, recover some points).
11. Please notice that the points you earned have 12 months corresponding validity period. Your points will automatically be deleted. reserves the right to amend the rules at any time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at our Support Center.